Affordable Outplacement Services

Job Search Community

Exclusively for

Mid-Career Professionals

with 20 or more years of experience

How New Job 40 Works in 80 Seconds

Unlike all other outplacement services,

participation in our community never ends. Why?

We believe that with the support and guidance of equally-experienced peers, the job search process will be faster and more rewarding.

What's Included in My Subscription?

Q&A from like-minded peers, each with 20 or more years of experience
Interview Q&A
Motivation, Inspiration, and Support
A moderated, “safe” place with people that are in similar situations
Community Networking
Tips and Tools
Oh, monthly Zoom happy hours with live music
Resume Feedback and Suggestions
Job Leads
Weekly Accountability Check-ins with Results Reporting and Prizes

Want More?

Enhanced Subscriptions Include:

Zoom Group Discussions

Resume Writing Resources and Coaching

Virtual Networking Best Practices

Interview Preparation

Community of Focused Professionals

A Curated Career Resources Library

Oh, Friday Happy Hours with Live Music

Job Search Tactics and Strategy

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Presentation and Style Coaching

Aging is hard enough.

Not having a job can make us feel older and less-relevant when in fact the exact opposite is true.

A support community is essential since a longer job search can impact our: 

Physical Health
Family Stress
Mental Health
Sense of Purpose
Professional Identity

Why We Focus on Mid-Career Professionals

Mid-Career Professionals want a community of people

that share the challenge of finding a job.


More time is needed for a job search because Mid-Career Professionals

frequently hear or learn about roadblocks such as: 

She has too much experience.

Outdated personal style 

He's overqualified.

Insecure hiring manager

She's not millennial.

Won't learn quickly enough

He just won't fit.

Current salary too high

He won't be flexible enough.

He's too old.

She won't be able to keep up.

She'll get bored.

Why We Focus on Mid-Career Professionals