Affordable Outplacement Services

Exclusively for

Mid-Career Professionals

with 20 or more years of experience

He'll get bored.

Unlike all other outplacement services,

participation in our community never ends. Why?

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Securing a job can take 2-3 times as long for the Mid-Career Professional (MCP) - those with 20 or more years of experience.

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We know that a job search can be a marathon.

MCP's can be confident New Job 40 will be there until the finish line, no matter how long it takes.

We tell the truth about the realities of the current job market while motivating Mid-Career Professionals to take action, because action is the only thing we can control.

Our Services

Job Search Tactics

and Strategy

Virtual Networking Best Practices

Resume Writing Resources

and Coaching

Interview Preparation

Style Coaching

An Active, Moderated

Q&A Forum 

Oh, Friday Happy Hours

with Live Music

Frequent Zoom Group Discussions

A Curated Career Resources Library

Weekly Accountability


See how New Job 40 works in 140 seconds.

We believe that with the support and guidance of equally-experienced peers, the job search process will be faster and more rewarding.

How Your Company Benefits from Outplacement Services:

Protect your company’s reputation.

Mitigate the risk of litigation.

Enable management to offer something positive during the termination discussion.

Provide a sense of support when an employee’s world is turned upside down.

Why We Focus on Mid-Career Professionals

Mid-Career Professionals want a community of people that share the challenge of finding a job.


More time is needed for a job search because Mid-Career Professionals frequently hear or learn about roadblocks such as: 

She has too much experience.

Outdated personal style 

He's overqualified.

Insecure hiring manager

She's not millennial.

Won't learn quickly enough.

He just won't fit.

Current salary too high

He won't be flexible enough.

He's too old.

She won't be able to keep up.

She'll get bored.

New Job 40 Provides a "Safe" Place for Mid-Career Professionals to:

Seek advice from peers.

Post questions to the community.

Receive suggestions from equally-experienced peers.

Turn challenges into opportunities.

Know they are not alone.


Executives Say:

This is an innovative approach to an industry undisturbed for too many years, overpriced services, and engagements that are too short for most people! Way to go!
Jac C.
CPO, Agency
I absolutely feel that’s a burning need for increased job search help out there, especially in the 50+ age demo where all the barriers you mention are absolutely real ones. 
Cara B.
SVP Talent Acquisition, Software
Crowd sourced intelligence/support. We are definitely smarter as a crowd. NJ40 is an appropriate and cost-effective solution - it's time for this!
Lee M.
VP, HR, Banking
I love the focus on community -- this is one of the blessings of COVID, in my opinion, as it has shown how important relationships and community are!
Sarah M.
Director HR, CPG

Why We Focus on Mid-Career Professionals