I communicate like this because I get warnings on the App when I use the word call or email.
So, back to our conversation...

No worries, I have clients with a variety of disorders/challenges. 

The real question is that since I can't do the work for you, all I can do is hold you accountable *to yourself*.

 The other question is whether you are on medication or not. 

If you can carry through with what you say you will do, in situations like yours, clients sometimes text or take a photo of an accomplishment after completed. 

Others text at the beginning and end of the day. 

For example, I personally have a wake-up coach and I make it a point to be on my feet before he calls - that is my challenge to myself. 

I have one client that takes a picture of herself washing her face (her suggestion) and making breakfast because it wasn’t enough for her to be on her feet. Then after that didn’t work, she wanted to use the Stickk App so she would have to pay $80 to a charity if she missed a target. She knew I would hold her accountable to that as her official coach on the App.

Another client has Anxiety and I call her each morning for literally 2 minutes to set the day - so of course, I’m going to accommodate that into the plan.

Other clients have 30 min calls per week and they document their progress via images on Instagram. Whatever works.

The great news is that you are motivated to make a change.

What I recommend is this:

You won’t know if it will work until you start.

What’s really important is the Intro Call. If for whatever reason not all of the time is used, I put that toward future work.

Let’s then start with the 1-week plan, and I always make adjustments if there are no calls and texting only.

Then I just added on my gig to make it easy is Consulting Hours - which is the same as the other two plans.

So I would choose the $60 Intro Call and 1 Hour of Consulting, which is the same as the Middle Plan = $140.

Then from there, I’ll keep track of calls and/or texts.

Thank you,